Benefits of Medical Alert Monitoring

Medical Guardian monitoring centers are among the best when it comes to medical alert monitoring. Our centers are listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories for protected signaling. Because they are U.L. certified, they are subject to random inspections and regulation tests. Our monitoring centers are not outsourced to another country, as many of our competitors’ are. This ensures accuracy and promptness with every call.

Medical Alert Monitoring CenterThe operators at our monitoring centers understand and care about seniors. They are professional and polite, and always put our customers first. They are 911 trained, SSAA certified, and EMT certified. They are also trained in medical knowledge and have been through extensive assessments of emergency training. We have operators that are bilingual, and if you or your loved ones speak Spanish, you will be assigned to a Spanish-speaking group of operators when you first purchase your medical alert system. They are also able to aid deaf or hearing-impaired customers in times of emergency. The operators realize that their job is dealing with life-and-death situations, and they will always stay on the phone with the caller in distress until help arrives at their location.

Here at Medical Guardian, we believe in using only the best, state-of-the-art technology for our systems and monitoring alarm centers. The centers are highly secure, and are under 24-hour video surveillance. Each and every call is recorded to ensure quality of service, and our equipment is upgraded regularly so that we are using only the best, most accurate, response systems. When an individual presses the emergency button, the operators automatically view the user’s medical history and list of preferred doctors and hospitals to guarantee that the person in the emergency situation receives the desired appropriate help. If you plan to move from your home to a different location, Fall Alert moves with you! Just inform the monitoring center of your change in address and landline telephone number and they will update your records. We firmly believe in providing only the best quality of service to our customers, and by having a state-of-the-art monitoring center, we can assure that you and your loved ones will receive nothing less.


  1. Peace of Mind: Feel safe when you’re by yourself or when loved ones aren’t there. Stay secure and connected with Medical Guardian’s FallAlert.
  2. Reliability: Highly trained, certified emergency operators are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Within just seconds of pressing or triggering the alert button you’ll be on the line with a professional responder.
  3. Advanced Home Safety: Each device features automatic fall detection technology. We’ll know if you lose consciousness from a fall and cannot speak or press the button and can send help instantly.
  4. Long Lasting: FallAlert devices have an 18-month battery life and will last up to 36 hours during a power outage.
  5. Cost Efficiency: With our lifetime warranty and no activation fee, equipment cost or contract, you’re ensured 24/7 monitoring services as long as you need it.
  6. Personalization: In addition to calling the appropriate emergency medical services, Medical Guardian notifies your chosen emergency contacts to keep your loved ones in the loop. Other alert systems cannot say the same.
  7. Lightweight: Let the pendant hang like a necklace or clip onto your pants. You’ll forget it’s even there.
  8. 100% Waterproof: We know how many accidents occur in the bathroom, so our device has been specially designed to work in the bath or shower.
  9. Quick installation: Just find the perfect spot and plug the power cord into an outlet. No telephone jack is needed – it works with local AT&T cellular towers, like a mobile phone. 
  10. Easy set up: Once it’s plugged in just press the “Emergency” button to confirm you’re connected to the Central Monitoring Center. It really only takes a few minutes, and no technical skill is required.
  11. Portability: While the button sends the strongest signal within 600 feet of the in-home station, you can easily unplug it and bring it with you if you’re travelling. Just find an outlet when you’ve reached your destination!
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