How it Works
  • Fall detection technology is the newest innovation in the world of medical alert devices. Medical Guardian now offers customers FallAlert™, a state-of-the-art device that can detect when a fall has occurred in order to automatically call for help.
  • Fall detection can reliably detect a non-linear fall. The processor in the pendant follows 9 unique parameters and over 45 unique motion patterns in order to reliably detect when a fall has occurred.
  • When a fall is detected, the processor provides a fall detection signal to the electronic device. The electronic device can then take appropriate action to reduce the potential negative results of the impact of a fall.

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Monitoring Center
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Wearable pendant as necklace or belt clip
  • Waterproof design
  • 30-hour battery life in power outage

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Thursday, April 24 2014

A seizure can happen to just about anyone, regardless of age and gender. They occur when an abnormal amount of electrical activity over-stimulates the brain. Reactions to this increased brain activity range in severity, and can occur due to a number of reasons.

The most common symptom of a seizure is a convulsion, where a person experiences jerking muscle movements and stiffening of the limbs. Also referred to as a “tonic-clonic” or “grand mal” seizure, a person may bite their tongue during the rapid body movements, causing bleeding or frothing at the mouth. However, not every type of seizure is as extreme as a full-body convulsion. While some seizures may involve shaking movements isolated to one arm or a part of the face, others may entail a sudden, non-responsive stare usually coupled with chewing motions or lip smacking. Those that suffer from seizures also describe sensations like fear, stomach discomfort, or an unpleasant smell. Continue reading >>

Thursday, April 24 2014

People who have diabetes understand that the disease can affect various important parts of the body, including the eyes, kidneys, heart and nerves. However, did you also know that those with diabetes also run a high risk of having oral health problems? Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the gum tissues and bone that hold the teeth in place and is frequently linked to people with this common condition. Continue reading >>

Wednesday, April 23 2014

A wheelchair is a tool that can determine your quality of life. The wrong selection can make even the simplest of tasks infinitely more difficult. However, if you find the right one that accommodates your specific needs, your days will flow smoother than ever before. Continue reading >>


I could not be more pleased that I chose Medical Guardian. Everyone is always very professional and helpful. Thanks again!

- Brian Bricker Browning, MT

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